1. Find the right form online

If you live in New Zealand or will arrive in Queenstown at least 1 working day prior to your wedding day you can complete your application form online HERE.

If you will arrive in Queenstown from overseas less than 1 working day prior to your wedding day you will need to complete a different form and complete some extra steps, please talk to your celebrant about this.

2. Enter your details

Complete your application on screen following the prompts provided.

See “Notice of Intended Marriage New Zealand – Frequently Asked Questions, Answered by a Marriage Celebrant” for extra help.

3. Submit your application

It’s super easy – just click to submit onlineYou can also pre-order your marriage certificate as part of the online application process! There is some paperwork you need to sign in person, but you can do this when you pick up your licence later. 

4. Collect your NZ marriage licence

You must visit the Registrar of Marriages closest to your wedding location (the same one that you nominated on your form) to sign for and collect your marriage licence before your wedding day. If you’re getting married in Queenstown this is the Queenstown Court House in the centre of town.

You may be asked for photo ID so remember to take your drivers licence or passport.


5. Check your paperwork with your celebrant

Check all your documents for any incorrect details or spelling errors. Notify the Registrar staff immediately and any errors can be amended straight away

I always recommend that you hand your New Zealand Marriage Licence and paperwork to your celebrant prior to the ceremony. It’s helpful for your celebrant to look over the documents prior to the big day and gives you one less thing to have to remember or worry about.