Applying for your New Zealand Marriage Licence – Frequently Asked Questions Answered by a Marriage Celebrant

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Wedding Tips & Info, YBD Wedding Blog

When should I apply for my marriage licence?

At the very least, three working days before your wedding date – as it takes the local NZ Court House/Registry office this long to process your Notice.

At the very most, no more than 3 months before your wedding date – as your marriage licence is only valid for 3 months.

Be aware of public holidays and Court House/Registry Office closures which may hold up the process. I recommend that couples complete and submit their marriage licence application a month or two before the big day to get it out of the way in good time.

How much does a Notice of Intended Marriage cost?

Your Notice of Intended Marriage costs $150 (NZ dollars) and this is paid as part of the online application process.


Ideally yes. This is a case of hoping for the best but planning for the worst. If it comes to your wedding day and you’re unable to use your first choice wedding venue due to weather conditions or other circumstances, you will need a plan B. Talk with your celebrant about your options here.

Don’t worry if you don’t know your backup venue at the time of applying for your licence, your celebrant can sort this out later if the second venue is used on the day.

What is a bridegroom?

This is just another word for groom! 😊


There is space on your form to state how the previous marriage ended and when (the date on the death or divorce certificate). You do not need to provide any evidence as when you complete the “statutory declaration” you are signing that all the information provided is true… and they trust you!


Here, you are signing to confirm that all the information on your application is true and correct.

I made a mistake on my marriage licence application... what should I do?

Contact Births, Deaths, and Marriages New Zealand and let them know of the error. The staff will correct the mistake ready for you to collect your documents. A fee may apply for this service.

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