Let’s get started
on your wedding ceremony!

At YBD we want to create a ceremony that reflects your relationship, your personalities and your story.

To do this, we want some input from both of you…

Hand fasting during Queenstown wedding ceremony in New Zealand

Ceremony Ideas & Inspiration

Here are some ideas to help add personality to and create more memorable moments in your wedding ceremony. You can choose as many as you like, adapt them to make them your own, or ignore them altogether. Just remember, adding a little something extra doesn’t necessarily mean more fuss, but it can make your ceremony much more meaningful.

If you’re interested in any of the ceremony ideas and extras please let your celebrant know.

Wedding Readings and Poems

Some alternative wedding readings and poems that you may like to include in your wedding ceremony. Feel free to pick something from this collection, research your own online, write something yourself or ask a friend or family member to create something for you. 

If you would like to include a reading or poem during your ceremony please let your celebrant know.

bride and groom share wedding readings at circular wedding ceremony in Te Anau, New Zealand
two brides share their wedding vows during elopement ceremony in Queenstown, New Zealand

Wedding Vow Templates

The hardest thing about writing your own wedding vows is getting started. These templates provide structure and inspiration to help you write your wedding vows in just five simple steps! You can choose to write your vows together, separately, or a bit of both. Either way, we recommend finalising your wedding vows at least three weeks before your wedding day.

Feel free to send any draft vows or vow ideas to your celebrant for feedback and suggestions.

Commitment Options

This is the question your celebrant will ask for the “I do” part of your ceremony. There are lots of different ways that we can word or phrase this to suit you. Here are some options for you to choose from, or mix-and-match, or inspire you to create something new and unique.

Please let your celebrant know your preferences for your marriage commitment.

Wedding ceremony with marriage celebrant at Moke Lake in Queenstown, New Zealand
two brides show off their wedding rings after wedding in queenstown new zealand

Ring Exchange Options

Here are some options for what you might want to say when you exchange rings on your wedding day. It’s up to you whether you choose one, mix a few together, or write something completely new and totally you.

Please let your celebrant know your preference for your ring exchange wording.

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