Personalising Your Queenstown Wedding Ceremony – Set a Theme For Your Wedding Day

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Wedding inspiration, Wedding Tips & Info, YBD Wedding Blog

How to theme your wedding day to create your perfect Queenstown wedding ceremony

In “How to Personalise Your Queenstown Wedding Ceremony” I outlined five easy ways to personalise your own Queenstown wedding. Now let’s get some more details on tip number two- setting a theme for your Queenstown wedding.

Why theme your Queenstown wedding day?

adventure wedding queenstown bride bouldering

Casey and Amy rock climbing on their adventure themed Queenstown wedding

Theming your wedding day is a great way to ensure your whole wedding day feels cohesive, flows well, and makes sense. Choosing your own theme puts your personal stamp on the wedding day which helps create a more unique, special and memorable experience for both you and your guests. It can be as simple as choosing a colour scheme or as out there as a compulsory fancy dress code.

What will my guests think?

By setting a theme for your wedding day you give your guests an idea of what to expect and create a buzz of anticipation and suspense. Everyone will be counting down the days to see what’s in store for your big day! Even if you don’t state a dress code, your theme will help your guests decide what to wear to your wedding– and they’ll thank you for it!

What theme should I choose for my wedding?

Think about what’s important to you as a couple, what you enjoy doing together and what makes you two special. You could theme your wedding day based on your favourite movie, book, song, colour, sports team, or anything else that represents you and your relationship. Talk to your wedding planner or celebrant for ideas and advice.

How do I theme my wedding day and wedding ceremony?

queenstown marriage celebrant wedding ed

Brodie and Petra at their gypsy themed Queenstown wedding ceremony

Think about how you can incorporate your theme into each key element of your wedding day. From your invites to the venue, the dress to the ceremony, the flowers to the music and everything in between. Search online and consult with your wedding planner and celebrant for inspiration and practical advice.