Save some time, money and stress with these 5 wedding planning tips

1. Don’t mention the word “wedding”

OK this wont work for all weddings, but if you’re going for a relaxed wedding day it can save you money and get things done quickly. Think “party”, “event” or “celebration” instead of wedding.

2. Use a wedding planner

I can’t stress this enough! When it comes to the week of, and particularly the day of, the wedding, having a wedding planner is a huge help. Let them do all the hard work so you can enjoy the big day and spend time with your family and friends.

3. Have a solid back up plan

When it comes to choosing your Queenstown wedding venue, always pick an option A and option B. It’s a case of hoping for the best and planning for the worst. Remember, your marriage license is only valid for the two venue options listed on it, so if on the day option A isn’t going to work, option B has to!

4. Write your guest list first

Rather than thinking about how many people you can accommodate on your budget, think about what your budget can do to accommodate the number of people you want with you on your Queenstown wedding day. Whether you’re eloping with just your witnesses or you’re running out of lines on your guest list excel spreadsheet, this is a subtle change of perspective that will ensure all the important people will be there on your big day.

5. Your big day, your way

Above everything else, remember that your wedding day is yours and the two of you are most important. Couples should feel relaxed, comfortable and excited on their Queenstown wedding day. Think carefully about what really matters to you about your wedding and let go of the things that don’t.


If you have any questions wedding or Queenstown related make sure you get in touch with me today.