How To Turn Your Queenstown Wedding into a Queenstown Elopement

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Ceremony Ideas, Wedding inspiration, Wedding Tips & Info, YBD Wedding Blog

Has planning your Queenstown wedding begun to feel like a nightmare? Whether you’ve been forced to change tact due to Covid-19 or you’re simply taking the opportunity to downsize without getting in trouble with the in-laws, then a Queenstown elopement is definitely for you!

So, here are our tips on how to turn your big Queenstown wedding into the intimate Queenstown elopement you’ll love:


1. Choose a new date

Setting a new date for your Queenstown elopement is easy as you don’t have to deal with a long guest list of conflicting time zones and schedules. Talk to your vendors as early as possible to ensure their availability and confirm all changes in writing. Once you have your new Queenstown wedding date locked in you’ll be relieved to finally have something exciting to look forward to again!


2. Record or stream your ceremony

This allows you to share your wedding ceremony instantly with friends and family around the world. You can even give your whānau a shout out and a wave mid-ceremony! Many Queenstown wedding videographers now offer packages which include the raw ceremony footage as well as a fully edited video and a social media teaser.


3. Incorporate missing guests

There are heaps of fun ways to make your VIPs feel included in your Queenstown wedding from afar:
– use a reading they have chosen
– include letters of encouragement/support from them
– include their marriage tips/advice
– play a song that reminds you of them
– have pictures of them nearby
– video call with them
– send them a newlywed selfie

4. Splurge on yourselves

With less money spent on entertaining lots of guests you can treat yourselves to all the lavish luxuries that Queenstown has to offer, totally guilt free. This might mean upgrading your accommodation, booking a helicopter for your wedding photos, buying some new bling, or all of the above!


5. Pick the perfect wedding team

For an intimate Queenstown elopement you’ll be working closely with your wedding vendors so choose wisely! You’ll want a team you feel relaxed and comfortable with so that you can be yourselves and enjoy the experience. The right Queenstown wedding vendors can take your elopement to a whole new level of fun and even create friendships that will see you chatting away on DMs for years to come!


If you think YBD would fit into your elopement crew then contact us today to check availability!

All images with thanks to Dawn Thompson Photography.