How and why I became a Wedding Celebrant.

queenstown wedding catering team

Working with the Artisan Catering team at a Great Gatsby themed wedding

My first taste of the Queenstown wedding industry was working as a waitress for a top Queenstown catering company.

I love the buzz of a wedding day and enjoyed the team I worked with. But I wasn’t a very good waitress as I was more interested in eating and drinking than the serving!

Every wedding I would watch the celebrant. While we were running around like headless chickens, the wedding celebrant seemed to show up, do ten minutes work, and leave. Surely I was in the wrong job…

I have always loved to write, enjoyed working with people and been a confident public speaker so I knew I had the skills for the role. But I didn’t have a partner and didn’t know much about love, so I tightened my apron and got back to work.

Queenstown Marriage Celebrant Charlotte Winkel

Brad and I at a family wedding

Fast forward a few years and I find myself not only loved up but also engaged to my best friend and number one fan, Brad.

As we searched for a wedding celebrant for our own Queenstown wedding, I now saw this role in a very different light. I now understood how important the role of a wedding celebrant is and how finding the right wedding celebrant for you can make your wedding day extra special!

We wanted a celebrant who we could easily relate to and who could provide a wedding ceremony unique to us. We wanted our wedding ceremony to be special and reflect our personalities and relationship.

Lots of local celebrants were much older than us which made it difficult for us to relate to  each other. And the personal touches needed to create a unique experience seemed to be missing.

So the idea of becoming a wedding celebrant returned to me. If we want a unique and special experience, maybe other couples do to?

Queenstown Wedding Ceremony

Mike & Holly were the first couple I married.

Now I help couples from all over the world to create their own unique wedding ceremony and Queenstown wedding. Every couple I work with starts with a blank slate and no two wedding ceremonies are alike.

I help couples obtain their New Zealand Marriage Licence, work with them to write personalised wedding vows and promises, and love to add in personal touches to make their wedding day extra special.

It’s a privilege to be involved in every wedding and I love to see how each couple has their own unique approach to their Queenstown wedding ceremony.


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